15th June 2024 
What can be helped #01

What can be helped

Acupuncture can be used to restore to health not only our sick bodies but also, and much more importantly, our troubled minds and spirits. This makes of this very, very old discipline a most appropriate instrument of healing for the troubles of our modern world.

You can benefit from acupuncture without suffering from any particular ailment. If you are feeling off-colour or out of sorts, perhaps experiencing difficulties at work or unhappiness in a relationship, then acupuncture can help you simply to cope better.

Acupuncturists treat the whole person and therefore don’t distinguish between physical complaints and emotional problems so that, when physical problems are treated, the treatment also affects the way a person feels in themselves.

As well as a promoting a greater sense of general well-being and enhanced enjoyment of life, acupuncture treatment can be an extremely effective and drug-free form of pain relief. Patients will also find their immune systems are better able to withstand flu and colds and, if they do fall ill, they tend to suffer less badly and recover more quickly. Many patients continue to use acupuncture as an effective form of preventive medicine.